Test Fixtures and Software

You need to develop complex test fixtures and test software in short time but are struggling to find right partner that's up to the job?

We provide efficient, effective Test Fixture and Test Software outsourcing services for test engineers who are continually confronted with complex electronic boards and test processes.

They need reliable partners with in-depth knowledge, copious experience to develop complex Test Fixtures and Test Software to satisfy their specific requirements rapidly, at the highest quality and at the best possible price.

Do these scenarios sound familiar to you?

Many test engineers have witnesses that test fixtures and software vendors seldom fully satisfy their technical expectations.

It is not uncommon that fixture and software vendors fall short when it comes to the agreed-upon technical level, when delivering the fixtures and test software; or even worse, the fixtures and software, when delivered, caused disastrous consequences, were drastically delayed resulting in substantial financial losses. When the time comes to outsource test fixtures and software, Test Engineers often hesitate, because they know that finding the appropriate partner for the job is a complex and risky proposition.

Test engineers are under immense pressure in their jobs.

Although they may have an 8 hour work day, they put in many hours of overtime and are on emergency call 24 hours, 7 days a week. When they outsource a Test Fixture and Software, they want to make sure that this piece of equipment is not the source of more stress, additional overtime work or emergency calls late at night or on weekends. **

Today's electronics board test processes are not limited to traditional electronic components, but extend to a variety and complex optical, mechanical and programmable devices.

Testing these new components requires specific knowledge in electronics, physics and programming that goes beyond the know-how of many fixture houses. Very often, Test Engineers end up having to invest their scarce time and resources to educate external fixture vendors about the new technologies and test devices. Even worse, many test engineers end up designing the Test Fixture or developing the Test Software in order to ensure the required test quality.

As competition in electronic manufacturing increases and profit margins decrease, the reduction of production costs and time to market become vital.

Organizations respond to this trend by cutting cost by reducing the number of employees and increasing the pressure to improve operation performance. As a consequence, Purchasing and Middle Managers end up having to outsource more Equipment and Services while having less money to spend. Under these circumstances, Test Engineers struggle to find the right partner with the expertise and know-how to develop complex Test Fixture and Software while being able to guaranty high quality test performance at competitive prices with shorter delivery time to satisfy management expectations.

4.- Ideal Client

There’s no one type of client who is the best fit for us; however in our experience, certain clients with a particular approach to their work will be extremely pleased with our performance

Clients that will be particularly successful working with us are clients that:

Look to build a long time relationship with suppliers. Their goal is not only to get a one-time best price, but to build a strong and durable relation with partner that brings benefits in the long run to all involved.

Able to delegate roles. They realize that even though they have the knowledge and expertise, they do not have the time to take care of everything. They look for competent partners with know-how and experience they can trust.

Do what it takes to deliver best quality to their clients. They demand Test Fixtures and Software of the highest quality, designed to meet their special needs and to achieve the best possible test coverage in the shortest possible test time.

Make a significant contribution to their company’s long-term profits. For them, it is not only a question of buying a Test Fixture and Software but of acquiring Test Equipment that will perform at the same high standards during the complete life-cycle of the project, that is easy to implement and operate with low maintenance costs.

Commit to a plan of work for the life-cycle of the project. For them, it is a priority to provide a complete and accurate set of information from the beginning of the project, to respond rapidly to clarification requests and to quickly communicate changes during the entire project life-cycle through the installation.

Are ready to commit to professional work. They want to know that the Test Fixture and Software complies with all the required codes and regulations. They understand and adhere to standards of honesty and integrity and expect the same from their partners.

5.- Where to go next

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