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More Than 80% Of Our Business is Generated by Repeat Order from Pleased Customers

Every In-Circuit or Functional Test Fixture is a unique device and a key element in the manufacturing of electronic boards. Accurate design, best quality components, manufacturing precision and deep test coverage are the key elements for an efficient Test Fixture. For us it’s a given that all fixture vendors develop and manufacture their product with the highest quality and accuracy possible and that every customer expect that as a minimum. However, it’s our fixture unique design and excellent performance and the relation we develop with our customers during the manufacturing process that distinguish us and brings us so much repeat business.

You’ll find that our Test Fixture and Test Software are the best value for your investment.

What our Customers can always expect from Us

Here’s what our customer expect on every job we do:

In-depth knowledge and long-time experience in developing Test Fixtures and Software. Vast industry know-how with a track-record of over 10 years manufacturing Test Fixtures and developing Test Software for some of the world's most demanding electronics companies.

A team of seasoned professionals; Electronic, Mechanical and IT Engineers with extensive knowledge in the newest Test and Measurement Techniques. Our expertise, accumulated through numerous high-level projects, allows us to integrate the most recently released, most highly developed test devices and implement the best-test-practices and technologies available, into our Test Fixtures and Software.

Test Fixtures and Software from one source. From start-to-finish, we deliver test fixture and test software for several test platforms, coordinating and integrating the development of both hardware and software from the initial design phase through the final commissioning at the customer's site.

A State of the Art Manufacturing Platform. Our powerful and flexible design software and the newest drilling, milling and wiring machines secure high manufacturing accuracy, low mechanical tolerances and error free wiring. Our quality processes and test equipments guarantee high performance and zero defect Test Fixtures and Software.

Error-free fixtures and software. We test our fixtures and software before they are delivered to our customers to ensure that their design and construction are consistent with our customer's test requirements and working conditions.

Test Fixture and Software that are easy, intuitive and safety to use. Our Test Fixture and Software reduce operators learning time and eliminate operators’ errors. Our maintenance friendly design and documentation minimize production down time and fixture service time.

Short delivery time and competitive prices. Our modern machine park and flexible manufacturing capacity allow us to satisfy short delivery time requirements and offer the competitive prices required by today's fast-moving Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

How we work

We design and develop the fixture on a CAD platform. fixtures on a CAD platform. All of our fixtures are designed on AUTOCAD. By drawing each test fixture’s component and integrating the board’s CAD drawings into the AUTOCAD design, we ensure an error free layout and construction of the test fixtures. We avoid collisions between fixture parts and board components, even through several board versions to ensure safe, failure-free operation of the test fixtures.

Consistent Test Fixture and Software design. Although every Test Fixture and Software application is unique in its design and function, we use standard components in our Fixtures and software development to avoid expensive spare parts inventory and time consuming learning processes.

We check for consistency between the fixture files, board CAD data and board sample. Prior to the execution of any design or manufacturing process, we always cross-check the board CAD data, the fixture files and the sample board to assure board design version consistency between the data used to generate the fixture files, test software and the received sample board. In this way, we verify that our test fixtures and software are 100% consistent with the board to be tested.

We test our fixtures before they are sent to the customers. We test every fixture and software for failures in mechanical design, electrical wiring, operational robustness and test performance as part of our quality control process. We ensure that our test fixtures and software are error free before leaving our factory.

We deliver user-friendly documentation with every fixture.

Where To Go Next?

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