Test Fixtures and Software

Who we are

We are a testing house, meeting the needs of the European Electronics Manufacturing Industry. We provide ICT and FT test-fixtures and software for testing complex electronics-boards in high-volume or high-mix production environments.

We provide efficient, effective Test Fixture and Test Software outsourcing services for test engineers who are continually confronted with complex electronic boards and test processes.

Vital for the success these test engineers are reliable partners with in-depth industry knowledge, copious experience, with flexible manufacturing capabilities to develop Test Fixtures and Test Software to satisfy their specific requirements rapidly at very competitive prices. We meet their needs by integrating the newest test and measurements technologies into their test-requirements and test-platforms. Subsequently, we develop and manufacture Test Fixtures and Test Software with high testing coverage, specially designed for their specific test processes and production environments.

We are a highly motivated team of engineers, software developers and manufacturing technicians with more than 10 year experience in design and development of In-Circuit and Functional Test Fixtures and Software. Since our company was founded 2008, we have developed a comprehensive knowledge-base and a vast know-how in several In-Circuit and Functional Test platforms, including the newest MDA Test Systems as well as in the latest test technologies with regard to test and measurement devices used in electronic board testing.

With our unique know-how, experience, products and services, we provide our customers with unparalleled support in their development of complex test processes and equipment. We focus not only on the required test-parameter and coverage level, but also on the specific individual requirements of our customer's production environments and manufacturing lines.

We develop Test Fixtures and Software while assisting our customers in the selection and integration of required test and measurement equipment as well as programming devices to comply with the most complex test and production requirements.

We provide Test Fixtures and Software all from one-and-the-same source. From start-to-finish, we deliver test fixture and test software for several test platforms, coordinating and integrating the development of both hardware and software from the initial design phase through the final installation and commissioning at the customer's site.

How came that we do what we do

Hubertus von Reitzenstein finished his electronic engineering major at the Universidad Simóm Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela. He was then hired by the Electricity Transmission and Distribution division of AGE in Germany as a Project Manager and Sales Engineer. In 2004 he obtained an MBA degree from Warwick University, with a major in Marketing and International Business. Upon graduation, he joined a multinational Test Fixture House with factories in Germany, Switzerland and Hungary as Sales Manager and later as a General Manager of the Hungarian factory.

Tamas Konkoli completed his study of electrical engineering in the University of Veszprém, Hungary in 2002 and in 2003 obtained a Business Administration degree at the Zalaegerszeg Technical School. In 2004, Tamas joined a Fixture House in Hungary as a design Engineer. Two years later he was promoted to Production Manager in charge of manufacturing processes. In this function, Tamas introduced new manufacturing technologies and substantially improved the manufacturing processes and quality of the Test Fixtures.

In 2008 Hubertus and Tamas decided to create PCB-Test Kft to offer complete test solutions and services for electronic manufacturing companies. The main idea was to combine innovative manufacturing technologies with new production equipment and software to offer Test Fixtures and Test Software at low cost and with short delivery time.

Where we are today

Today PCB-Test Kft consists of a team of engineers, software developers and manufacturing technicians and with a powerful and flexible manufacturing platform that allows us to develop complex Test Fixtures and Software Solutions to satisfy the lead time and cost level demanded by today's Electronic Manufactory Industry.

In the years since our company was founded, PCB-Test Kft has developed several innovative turnkey solution for testing electronics boards for customers in various sectors of the electronic industry. PCB-Test Kft was one if the first companies to develop specialized Test Fixture and Software solutions to test the new LED technology used by the Automotive Industry. In the last 4 years alone, for the passenger car sector, PCB-Test Kft has delivered more than 60 Test Fixtures and Software-applications for testing different LED boards used in rear and cabin lights.

PCB-Test Kft's ability to consistently offer the best price and shortest delivery time for Test Fixtures and Software has positioned us internationally as an industry leader and the partner of choice.

PCB-Test Kft customer base includes some of the most well respected and influential companies in the global Electronics Manufacturing Sector such as Flextronics, Delphi, Clarion, Valeo, Celestica, IMI, ASM, Honeywell, Zollner and Invensys, among others.

Our Core Values

The measurement of our success is the level of our customer's satisfaction.

Working together with our customers in numerous projects under widely varying circumstances increases not only our know-how and expertise in testing electronics boards, but also help us to offer creative solutions with solid foundations. We thrive in situations that require innovative ideas to master various testing challenges and production conditions. Therefore, one of our core values is to develop long term relationships with our customers. The longer we work with a customer, the deeper our customer-specific expertise becomes thus increasing our creative bandwidth as well as continually optimizing our effectiveness and profitability for our clients.

We believe that the main responsibility of a testing house is to help customers to achieve zero defective products. To achieve a failure free production line, it is necessary to consider all the factors affecting the electronic test itself, but also the production and environmental conditions that affect the quality of the manufacturing process. In this respect, one of our core value is to achieve excellence. Our goal is always to deliver a Test Fixture and Software designed to achieve the deepest test coverage possible and manufacture to meet the specific needs of our customer's production environment.

We believe that no organization is immune to mistakes. It is the way they deal with them that makes the difference. Although we spare no effort to address all our customers’ technical, budgetary and delivery concerns, any Test Fixture and any Software application can rapidly reach high levels of complexity that bring with them the potential to obscure significant details.

When errors occur by our own fault, we accept them and correct them, fast, without hesitation and free of cost. At the same time we expect a similar commitment from our customers. Precise, clear and on-time communication, as well as taking responsibility for the consequences of changes or missing information, are values we ascribe to, are dedicated to and also expect from our customers. Honesty we see as one of our core values as it represents the basis of a reciprocal relationship.

Where to go next

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